Power Factor Correction Panels

 What is Power Factor Correction? In the simplest terms, power factor is the measure of how effectively your electrical equipment coverts electric current (supplied by the power utility) into useful power output. In technical terms, it is the ratio of Active Power (also known as Working Power and measured in watts and kilowatts (W or kW)) to the Apparent Power (measured in volt amperes or kilo volt amperes (kVA)) of an electrical installation. Power Factor correction is the process of improving a low power factor present on a power system by means of installing power factor correction capacitors and in doing so, increase the ratio of active power to total power. When the apparent power is greater than the active power, then the utility provider must supply the excess reactive power and the working power. Power capacitors act as reactive power generators and they reduce the total amount of current a system draws from the grid. CLICK LOGO OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What is the benefits of power factor correction? – Reduction in apparent power (also known as maximum demand) – Lower electricity bills – Increased system capacity (free up capacity on your supply transformer) – Reduce voltage drop on the supply transformer and supply cables – Reduce transmission losses – Reduced carbon foot print Which industries are most likely to benefit from power factor correction? Industries where motors are operated at less than a full load (cyclical processes) – Saw Mills – Plastic extrusion and recycling – Industries using machine tools, stamping machines, welders, compressors – Foundries – FMCG Industries – Bottling plants – Refrigeration plants – Grocery stores Power Factor Assessments and Design KZN Switchboards will need to assess the following before offering you a solution in regard to the type and size of capacitor needed for a particular application of power factor correction. We take the necessary electrical measurements of the electrical network into consideration by recommending the use of a power analyzer to measure electrical parameters, typically the load of the plant measured in voltage, current, kilowatts, apparent power (KVA) and harmonics. By analyzing these basic readings an engineered solution can be verified and the correct type and rated capacitors would be recommended. We design and manufacture power factor correction equipment as per the client’s application and requirements taking into consideration the general criteria that has to be met with regard to power factor components and switch gear. We design panels to suit static control applications for individual motor compensation and central compensation systems which would be stand alone panels that is part of the main distribution panel. A power factor panel would consist of an advanced intelligent reactive controller which controls and monitors the status of the capacitors as the demand is required, capacitor switching contactors, protection fuses, rated bus bars, extraction fan and a main breaker rated for the correct capacitance. The main component in Power factor correction are the capacitors and are prone to premature failure due to certain electrical and environmental conditions and is therefore essential that the correct design in regard to the layout of the electrical switch gear is adhered to. The capacitors in our panels are individual units and therefore are easily replaced. We design our panels to suit our clients needs and ensure all our panels have the necessary and correct protection equipment for optimal lifespan of the power factor panel. Call today for a quote on – Power Factor Surveys – Power Factor Servicing and Maintenance – Power Factor Installation

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