Manufacturing process

All manufacturing takes place in-house which enables us to supply a full range of products at competitive prices. Step one Design the project to the clients specification and requirements. Complete drawings by hand or CAD. Obtain approval. Step two Drawings are sent to fabrication / grinding department where the steel enclosures are manufactured in mild or stainless steel.                         Step three The manufactured panels, distribution boards or enclosures are then passed through the passivation and pickling tanks to remove any surface rust and grease before painting.  Step four Electrostatic powder coating takes place using polyurethane powder. These are then baked in the oven where they are left to cure for a strong and durable finish. Step five The panel,distribution board or enclosure is then sent to the assembly department where assembly and fitting of bus bar and equipment takes place.          Step six All wiring is completed by our wiring department. Step seven Once completed each panel or distribution board is electrically tested under a high voltage test up to 5000 volt impulse. Step eight The product is then bubble wrapped and dispatched. All our projects comply with SANS 61439 & SANS 1973

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